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The more you are thankful for, the more you will have, to be thankful for. God responds to a grateful heart with joy.

She was looking for a Lion, I had a soul of a Wolf.

The mysteries of my world is far beyond the borders of your imagination.

All we lack is a good Teacher, internal or external, but once we get one, even the World seems small and easy to acquire.

Just because you got the power, you must not misuse it. Someone will balance it out and believe me, YOU will NOT LIKE IT.

Everything Happens according to the Plan....The Plan of GOD.

It's never too late to LIVE your LIFE.

GREED - Without restriction, will only bring Chaos and Destruction!

Stop waiting for the Perfect Moments, create your own Stupid ones.

Books let me sail through the ocean of imagination, broadening my Views.

I am an Ignorant Fool bound by the limits of my own imagination.

I'm a down to Earth person, because I'm afraid of heights.

You can beat me down but cannot keep me down.

ज़िन्दगी का मज़ा तो मीठे में है, नमकीन तो आंसू भी होते हैं|

Only the Power of God is not enough, it needs to be in a delicate equilibrium with the Power of the Devil.

When an inspiration is being worked on persistently as it comes close to it's Origin, it becomes an Origin.

Listen Carefully, God Whispers.

All we need is a good warm bear Hug.

~ Irony ~ Replacing mind and body enhancement and cultivation with Materialistic needs and demands is called Development.

Don't seek, don't search, don't ask, don't knock, don't demand - relax. If you relax, it is there. If you relax, God shows you the way.

Let a bad past be a memory, not an infected contagious wound.

Pray with Faith, God is listening.

There is still Hope, I Hope.

Talking to God is not hard, all you have to do is, Talk.

In a world of global dependencies with no corresponding global polity and few tools of global justice, the rich of the world are free to pursue their own interests while paying no attention to the rest.

I suspect that one of capitalism's crucial assets derives from the fact that the imagination of economists, including its critics, lags well behind its own inventiveness, the arbitrariness of its undertaking and the ruthlessness of the way in which i

The consumerist culture insists that swearing eternal loyalty to anything and anybody is imprudent, since in this world new glittering opportunities crop up daily.

Power, in a nutshell, is the ability to get things done, and politics is the ability to decide which things need to be done.

Happiness needs one-upmanship.

Civilisation, the orderly world in which we live, is frail. We are skating on thin ice. There is a fear of a collective disaster. Terrorism, genocide, flu, tsunamis.

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