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I was a director and dialogue and acting coach.

Adriana Barraza

I have a wonderful English-language dialogue coach. All the time I have to speak English, he is with me. It is a double effort, because you have to say the words correctly and then act them.

Adriana Barraza

I have been a producer and director for many years, and I can say it's really difficult for women, although the women in Mexico suffer as much as other women in the world. The first thing is to get respect for the work you do. Then it is about gettin

Adriana Barraza

In Mexico, there are good filmmakers, but they didn't always have the opportunity to show their work. But since 'Amores Perros,' many of these filmmakers had the opportunity to show their films, and they have a newfound energy for cinema.

Adriana Barraza