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I think, primarily, we love spy thrillers, and I think, instinctively, we love the tension that those thrillers can bring.

Alistair Petrie

I really love all sport. I watch sports when I can, but when push comes to show, I think I know it's entertainment.

Alistair Petrie

Pete Moffat writes crime conspiracy thrillers so beautifully. He goes places other people wouldn't; he is fearless.

Alistair Petrie

I never get obsessed with ratings, partly because the Channel series 'Utopia,' which I did, had small ratings but a passionate following, which allowed a second series.

Alistair Petrie

If you watch the scroll at the very start of 'A New Hope,' you'll see plenty of references to the story we tell in 'Rogue One.' And I play a rebel General.

Alistair Petrie